Director of Photography

Really?   Does anyone want to read verse written by a DP? Thank you in advance for playing along. I need to give Google something to do, so here it is.

For 20 years, I have made a career as a DP supporting Directors, Producers and Creative Directors.

I am known for two different styles. In spots I am known for beautiful pictures, image campaigns, branding and storytelling. In long forms I get hired for fast paced handheld reality shooting.

Formats and cameras change almost daily. Whether is 35mm, Red One or Canon 5D, I believe it is the vision behind the tools that make a project successful. Specialty shooting includes Underwater and Aerial work. I own UW housings and a Gyro-stabilized Helicopter mount.


My background in camera and lighting brings strong visuals to my directing style. My specialties include: beautiful pictures, image spots, and storytelling.  I love to work with actors and develop comedy. Years of episodic television, and commercials have trained me to motivate actors and work with kids.

I believe my job is to bring a fresh vision to the material. Please send scripts and boards anytime, the best way to get to know each other is to work ideas.

I am accepting jobs worldwide with passport in hand and gear packed. I am based in Virginia Beach. Reasonable travel to Richmond, Washington DC and
just about anywhere.